Homeopathy Stirling

Homeopathic remedies and consultation with  Jill Morrison Bsc, Dip Hom, HND,
registered homeopath based in Stirling

Homeopathy, Stirling

Homeopathy is a natural holistic medicine that treats the whole person. Homeopathy addresses both physical and emotional levels at the same time, addressing the whole person rather than just the individual symptoms. Growing numbers of people are choosing a more natural solution to their healthcare needs and Homeopathy is ideal for those who want to explore a holistic approach to enhance their wellbeing. Every person is unique and homeopathic remedies are individually prescribed to suit not only the illness picture but the whole person. Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and chemical free form of medicine.

The homeopathic consultation

The first appointment lasts about an hour, but can be up to two hours depending on each person. You will be given plenty time and space to talk and will not be rushed. If needed you will be asked to elaborate, and also asked about past medical history, family medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, sleeping patterns and anything else relevant to you.  You will then either be given a remedy at the end of the consultation or you will be sent a remedy in the post. Follow up appointments are half an hour and are four weeks apart.

Homeopathic remedies

Remedies are either in chewable pill or liquid form with full instruction on how to take and store the remedy. Remedies are provided and there is no extra charge for them. Remedies are easy to take and have a pleasant taste. No remedies are ever tested on animals.


Homeopathy is safe for children (including babies) and is easy to administer. The remedies are pleasant tasting and have no side-effects. Shorter consultations are available for children suffering acute illnesses like coughs, tummy bugs, heavy or long lasting colds, ear infections.

Price List

Homeopathic clinic cost:
Initial consultation cost is £55, duration 90 minutes
Follow-up consolations cost is £35, duration 30 minutes
Discounts for children, OAPs and students are available on request.
NO extra charge for remedies which are provided.

Our Stirling, Homeopathy Clinic

The clinic offers Homeopathy and Food Intolerance testing by Jill Morrison Bsc, Dip Hom, HND. Jill qualified as a Homeopath in 1999 and trained to become a Food Intolerance tester in 2004, so a wealth of experience and knowledge can be guaranteed.

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